Another one bites the dust!

As many already know GST’s snowboard manufacturing plant in Austria is shutting its doors. That makes two major manufacturers in nearly as many years. In 2013 Elan went bankrupt and was subsequently bought by Capita Super Corp.

Capita Super Corp.
Capita Super Corp.

Once again Capita Super Corp. is stepping in to fill the void by building a brand new factory in Austria and absorbing all the brands from GST. 

While that is great news for Capita, I wonder how riders feel about this realignment. 

I’m not sure of the number of brands that were built by the Elan and GST factories, but I’m pretty confident it is more than a handful.

  1. How do you the rider, feel about Capita Super Corp. building a vast number of brands within the industry? 
  2. How will this impact your decision next year when choosing a new snowboard? 
  3. How do you think this will impact the quality of the snowboards you ride?

Feel free to answer any or all of the questions above. Let’s get the conversation going. This is an open post and I encourage your comments.


Team Rider Makes Headlines!

Abigail Berg has been cutting trees and carving out her very own natural terrain park up in the backcountry of Idaho. Follett Boarding Co. found Abigail last year after she sent in an amazing video edit that showed us her very own backyard creations. This year she did it again, only a hell of a lot bigger. The crazy thing is that Abigail is an amazing chainsaw carver and used those skills to build a full freestyle course in her back yard. 

Her video part was just featured on as the essence of snowboarding. She got great reviews and a great article about her own backyard stash. Check it out her backyard stash on Whitelines here. Congratulations to Abigail for all her hard work paying off. 

This is truly an amazing edit and very well produced. Follett Boarding Co. is very proud to have her as a member of our team. Look forward to seeing a lot more from Abigail in the future!

SIA, The Big Stage is Here!

Here we go! The first big show in our short history. Excited, absolutely. Nervous, hell no!

Craft @ SIA
Craft @ SIA

Only five days left until the SIA (Snowsports Industries America) 2015 tradeshow kicks off. We are as ready as we are going to be. Super stoked to be on the big stage and excited to get our message out there. Wide snowboards are our business and no one makes them better. If your going to the show, come check us out in the “Craft @ SIA” booth.

Why should you check out Follett Boarding Co.? We are the only company in the snowboard industry that dedicates all of our time to perfecting wide snowboards. No more settling for a wider version of some other standard snowboard design. No more riding super long snowboards just because the big boys in the industry say so.  Heal and toe drag are now a thing of the past. Wider is better in the powder and on the hard pack. On top of all of that, we have a five year warranty against manufacturing defects.

Materials used to make snowboards
Materials used to make snowboards

Our snowboards are designed to last. We only use the best materials with solid construction techniques. Most snowboards are built in the same five factories around the world. We build all of our own snowboards so you can be sure that we’ve spend the time to do it right. It’s my name on it and that matter to me.

Our snowboard graphics are all limited edition models with only 100 ever made.  Your individuality matters to us. No one wants to ride the same gear as everyone else.

Military themed Bomber snowboard
Military themed Bomber snowboard

Finally, we are a veteran owned and operated business. I spent 10 years in the US Army and I am a veteran of the Iraq War. Veterans are the reason we get to enjoy snowboarding and go to amazing events like SIA. I am always looking for super talented veteran riders. If you are a vet and shred the mountain, reach out and let us know who you are. You put your lives on the line and we appreciate that. A portion of profits from all military themed product is donated to veterans organizations.

Ultimately, you, the customer, are our voice and we care about what you want from your snowboards. We know that the wide snowboard market is small and that is okay. Riders who like wide snowboards are a very small and dedicated group. I understand that you only want the best. We are going to earn your trust and confidence by building the best damn snowboards you have ever seen. Give us a chance and hopefully I will  meet some of you at SIA next week.

-Andy Follett President/CEO


Bruised, Bloody, and Stumbling From Out of the Woods!

Friday morning started out as many other amazing Friday mornings do in the Wasatch. Deep powder, good friends, and amazing lines are always the rule of thumb here. Even after three days since the last snowstorm, there were many untouched places at Solitude Resort. Known for it’s amazingly steep terrain and nonexistent lift lines, Solitude is a snowboarders paradise.

Solitude Resort
Solitude Mountain Resort

Solitude can be a dangerous place though if you are not prepared or inexperienced. With numerous no fall zones near cliffy terrain, someone could get hurt very badly. This is the short story of one person who found out the hard way that unfamiliar terrain can get you hurt.

Sam and I had been riding all morning, finding untouched stashes of powder and cliff drops. The day was going well and we were having a blast. New terrain is always fun to explore. As we were making our way down the cliffy areas near Milk Run,

we were challenging ourselves to some smaller cliff drops and concerned about the rocky hazards just under the surface of the snow. At the end of our run we were standing there talking about where we had gone and where going next.

Solitude Trail Map
Solitude Trail Map

As we started down to the mountain base I heard someone yelling off in the distance. Sam and I stopped and yelled back so see if someone was injured and where they were at. As we were trying to pinpointed this guys location, we see someone staggering slowly out of the wood-line. As the person gets closer, we see this 17 year old kid staggering along with blood running all down the side of his face. He had obviously sustained a head injury. His snowboard was nowhere to be seen. It’s never a good sign to see someone staggering along without their gear.

We asked him questions about who he was and where he had been. He was quite confused and didn’t have any clue what had happened. Sam headed down the mountain to get ski patrol on site as fast as possible. I waited with this kid as he tried to tell his father where he was. They were not local to the area and the kid had been separated from his family at the top of the run and got lost on his way down. As we were waiting another guy came down from Colorado stopped and said he had heard him yelling from the top of the run. We talked with the kid and told him he was going to be okay. We only waited about 5 minutes for first responders to arrive and they started first aid.

Luckily, he was talking and conscious, but he was definitely disoriented. The area he had fallen in is not frequently traveled so it was kind of fortunate that he was able to walk to the main trail on his own.

Cliff's at Solitude
Cliff’s at Solitude

Otherwise he could have laid on the side of the mountain for a while without been seen. Needless to say ski patrol was on site in full force very quickly and they got this kid packaged up on the sled within just a few minutes. They called in an ambulance within seconds of seeing his injuries. I’m pretty sure it was waiting for him by the time he got to the bottom of the mountain.

The moral of this story is that you should always know before you go. Wear a helmet and stay within your riding capabilities. Ride with a buddy whenever possible in unfamiliar terrain. I’m pretty sure this was a freak accident that could have been prevented. The kid sure seemed like he had gotten in way over his head. Warning signs are always posted on resort property, so be wary of what you are getting yourself into. Ride safe and always push yourself to progress in whatever you do!

Follett Boarding Co. founder sponsors childhood resort park!

Many people have fond memories about the place they learned to snowboard. Fortunately we had an opportunity to give back a little to the mountain that shaped my love of snowboarding. Titus Mountain is a small local resort in northern New York. While it may not be a mega resort bringing in vast amounts of tourism, it has a large amount of varied terrain and very good night skiing. It’s family friendly small town charm are what make it so special.

Ski Resort
Titus Mountain

I remember as a kid wondering why so many of the snowboard brands over looked our resort. Very rarely did you see demo days and there was never an event or park to ride. In fairness this was the late 80’s and early 90’s. I remember a half pipe that was completely cut by hand and had crazy transitions. The trees were fun as long as your pass didn’t get clipped and we were so stoked to have such a great place to ride. It’s been years since I’ve ridden at Titus but I have always wanted to go back. After riding different places around the world, would Titus still be that diamond in the rough that I so fondly remember? Without Titus Mountain I may not have grown to love snowboarding so much. My friends and I had some amazing days riding on those slopes in northern NY.

Terrain Park Logo
Moon Valley Parks

When Titus reached out with a terrain park sponsorship opportunity, I jumped all over it. It wasn’t about the marketing or exposure. Not about big conversion numbers or televised events. It is just about giving those riders, just like me so many years ago, a little love and support.

Military Times features Follett Boarding Co. in “Veteran Made Holiday Guide”

Salt Lake City, UT (November 10, 2014) This fall, Follett Boarding Co. (FBC) and the Military Times are working together to bring the FBC “Bomber” model snowboard to veterans. The Military times is debuting their latest special edition called the “Veteran Made Gift Guide.” It features amazing products that are designed or produced by veterans of the United States Military.
Limited Edition "Bomber" all mountain snowboard
Limited Edition “Bomber” all mountain snowboard
“Veterans and active military are instrumental in protecting our way of life. As a veteran, I am proud to support and give back to those that sacrifice for us every day.”
                                                                                                             President/CEO: Andy Follett

Originally designed to identify friendly units in combat, nose art quickly became a way for aircrews to stay connected with memories from home during war. While the military had regulations against nose art they were never enforced and can still be found on aircraft today.

bomber-156#2The FBC Limited Edition “Bomber” snowboard is designed as a tribute to the many men and women of our military. It’s classic nose art graphic captures the attitudes, drive, and determination of our fighting men and women. The “Bomber” is our all mountain snowboard. Designed to provide the best possible ride under varying conditions. This snowboard can handle everything from deep powder days sailing through the trees, to fast runs on the groomers, and laps through the park. The Bomber is super poppy and stable; this board provides confidence no matter how you ride!

About Follett Boarding Co.: Follett Boarding Co. is a company based in Salt Lake City, UT. Founded at the foot of the Wasatch range in 2012, FBC focuses on and solves the unique problems of snowboarders with big feet by designing and building high quality wide snowboards that eliminate heel & toe drag.

The greatest wide snowboards in the world!